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The LineUp

Meet the Taylor® Port portfolio. Led by Taylor® Port, our family of wines boasts a sweet, full-bodied flavor and a smooth finish unlike anything else on the shelf. Whether you’re kicking it with friends, pairing it with food, or getting the party started, there’s a Taylor® wine for that.


Taylor® Port Wine

Strong sweet flavor. The classic Port wine.

Taylor® Port Black

Stronger and sweeter flavor, the elevated Port.

Taylor® Port Wine, 375 mL

Take your Taylor® Port on the go with a portable size.

Sherry Port

Sweet sherry with roasted nut nuance.

Cream Sherry

Dark, robust, and complex.

Dry Sherry

Light, golden color with a nutty aroma.

Tawny Port

Smooth caramel characteristics, nutty aroma.

Golden Sherry

Medium dry and delicately sweet.


Full bodied and medium sweet.


Creamy. Classic. Medium sweet.

Take Taylor® Port Home

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